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Fatty and sugary foods

Ice-CreamThis group includes :

Butter and margarine

Cooking fats and oils

Cakes and biscuits



Ice cream


Sugary drinks


Fats are the most concentrated source of calories (energy) in our diet. There are two main types of fat, saturated and unsaturated, which differ in their chemical structure.

Saturated fats are mainly from animal sources such as butter, lard, meat and dairy products.

Coronary Heart Disease is a serious health problem in this country. Two of the factors which increases the risk of developing heart disease are a high cholesterol level in the blood and obesity. A high intake of fat of any kind can lead to obesity, and a diet high in saturated fat can lead to increased blood cholesterol levels. Unsaturated fats lower cholesterol.

Another type of fat which can also have an adverse effect on blood cholesterol levels is trans fat. Anything with “hydrogenated vegetable fat or oil” in the ingredients list is very likely to contain trans fats. The main sources of trans fats in the diet are processed foods such as biscuits, chocolates, savoury snacks and puddings. In addition, some margarines and solid cooking fats are made from hydrogenated fats.



Sugar can provide the body with energy but no other nutrients. However, we do not need this sugar to meet our energy requirements. We can obtain all the energy we need from other foods of higher nutritional value, especially starchy foods.

As with fat, a high sugar intake can often lead to an overall increased calorie intake, which increases the risk of obesity. A high sugar intake can also increase the risk of developing abnormal levels of another type of fat named triglycerides. High levels of this type of fat in the bloodstream are also known to increase the risk of heart disease.

Aim to keep fatty and sugary foods to a minimum. When choosing pre-prepared foods, read the labelling to select those with a low fat or low sugar content.

Use less fat for cooking and try to use alternative methods of cooking such as grilling, microwaving, dry roasting, steaming or poaching. If you do use oil, keep to small quantities and choose one high in monounsaturates.

Use less butter and margarine and remember to spread them thinly, even if using low fat spreads. Try to choose a margarine or spread high in monounsaturated fat.

Cutting down on fatty foods will often automatically reduce the sugar content of the diet as many foods high in fat are also high in sugar. Examples include cake, chocolate and biscuits.


Milk and dairy products

Cows milk can provide the body with nearly all of its required nutrients, as it is a good source of protein and many vitamins and minerals. However, on its own, it cannot provide sufficient iron, vitamin C or vitamin D.

Milk and dairy foods provide over half of the calcium in the typical British diet. The calcium present in dairy foods is one of the easiest forms to be absorbed into the body. Most of the body’s calcium is found in our bones and teeth. Calcium is also important in blood clotting, controlling blood pressure, helping muscles to contract and relax, and controlling our heartbeat.

Calcium is important for us all but is needed in larger amounts by growing children and adolescents, breastfeeding mums and by women after the menopause.

It is often assumed that skimmed and semi-skimmed milk contain less calcium, but in fact, calcium levels are slightly higher in skimmed and semi-skimmed milk than in whole milk (full cream).

The fat in milk and dairy products is mostly saturated. Whole (full cream) milk contains about 4% fat, semi-skimmed milk contains between 1.5 and 1.8 % fat, and skimmed milk has almost all of the fat removed. Full-fat cheddar cheese is typically around 30% fat.

Low fat yoghurt or crème fraiche are healthier alternatives to cream.

Try using low fat cheeses or even cottage cheese. If you use full fat versions, try to have stronger flavoured cheese and aim for smaller portions. Eat cheese as part of a meal rather than as an additional snack.

Healthy eating advice


When cooking fresh vegetables it is important to try not to overcook them. Some nutrients are destroyed by heat, and others leach into the water. If vegetables are boiled, cover them with as little water as possible. Alternatively, steam or microwave them.

Frozen or tinned fruit and vegetables can be as nutritious as fresh alternatives, and have the advantage of being convenient.

When buying fruit juices, look at the packaging to find brands without added sugar, glucose syrup or dextrose.


Meat, fish and alternatives

Most animal proteins (from meat, fish, milk, cheese and eggs) are said to have high biological value because they provide all the amino acids required by the body.

Most vegetable proteins, except for soya protein, are said to have low biological value because on their own, they are less likely to provide all the required amino acids. However, when vegetable proteins are eaten as part of a varied and mixed diet, the amino acids missing from one protein food will usually be provided by another. This means that people who eat little or no animal protein are unlikely to have a deficiency provided that they have a varied and adequate diet. Vegetable proteins do have the advantage of being low in fat, high in fibre and also inexpensive.

The fat content and proportion of saturated fat to overall fat content of meat and meat products will vary depending on the type of animal, the cut of meat and whether it is processed or not. Lean cuts of meat with visible fat removed and cooked without further added fat will produce a lower fat dish. By casseroling or braising fattier cuts of meat such as mince, any excess fat can be skimmed off the surface after cooking. Processed meats such as sausages, beefburgers and meat pies tend to have a higher fat content and higher proportion of saturated fat because they are processed with the fat from the meat.

Meat is also a good source of zinc and all of the B vitamins including thiamine, riboflavin and nicotinic acid. However, it contains little folic acid.

Pulses, lentils and nuts are good sources of protein and fibre, and are frequently used by vegetarians and vegans as a meat alternative. They do not contain vitamin C, but contain more B vitamins than many other vegetables. Nuts have a high fat content, although most of this is not saturated (with the exception of coconut).

quorn-chicken-nuggetsTextured vegetable protein is made by isolating the protein from vegetables such as soya beans and processing it into mince or chunks. It is often fortified with extra B vitamins, including B12, and iron. This makes it an ideal alternative to meat for vegetarians. Quorn also belongs to this group of foods, and is produced by growing a fungal micro-organism and harvesting the product. It can be incorporated into a range of dishes or ready-made meals as it can be sliced, diced or shredded.

A diet without any animal protein can meet requirements for most nutrients if the diet is planned carefully. Special care is needed to ensure that sufficient iron, calcium, vitamin D and riboflavin is provided. However, no vegetable proteins naturally contain vitamin B12. This vitamin is needed for the formation of blood cells and for the maintenance of a healthy nervous system. Anyone who does not eat animal protein will need to include another source of vitamin B12, such as yeast extracts.

Most of us eat adequate amounts of protein foods and often have more than our bodies require. When preparing a meal, starchy foods should form the basis of the meal, along with fruit, salad or vegetables. Protein foods should be eaten in moderation only. In particular, watch out for meals which combine two or more protein foods, e.g. meat and cheese, or meat and eggs. You are effectively “doubling up” here.

For meat and poultry, choose lean cuts and trim visible fat. Avoid added fat or oil where possible during cooking.

Try to eat processed meat products, such as sausages and pates, as infrequently as possible. It is a good idea to check for the fat content when buying these products or ready made meals. Even vegetarian versions can be high in fat.

Aim to have fish at least twice each week, including oily fish at least once.

Try to have beans and pulses regularly, as they are high fibre and low fat. They can be added to meat dishes, thereby reducing the amount of meat used.

Why is Meratol So Popular?

Meratol is a dietary supplement designed to be taken as a part of a healthy diet, along with an exercise. It is not good when you replace diet and exercise with this designed supplement to help improve your health. Life is not all about how great you are, but it’s about how you feel calm and confident in it. Now here Meratol play an active part of taking care of a balanced and normal diet, both effectively. In fact, perhaps taken the motivation that you need to stay on track and achieve your goals!

Meratol contains paprika (pepper, Chilli), Prickly Pear, Brown Seaweed and caffeine. Which means, that may contribute attention and alertness, performance and support and resistance exercise capacity in your life. It may contribute to the metabolism too.

Meratol key ingredients

There are three key ingredients in Meratol and all clinically proven to boost your body’s metabolism. The main three ingredients are:

  • Cacti-Nea
  • ID-Alg
  • Capsicum


Cacti-Nea known for its accumulation of fat and reduce the loss of water weight. With the additional effect helps cellulite is undoubtedly a useful ingredient. However, their main task is to help Meratol weight loss weight reduction of the water is not so good for the long-term or significant weight loss.

ID-Alg is a seaweed extract, with the sole function of reducing the weight gain by eating too much. This can be particularly useful for reducing the impact of one day of overeating when a plan calorie diet.

Capsicum is a common ingredient in weight loss pills that comes from chili plants and has the effect of pulling your metabolism is a powerful fat burner.


How Does Meratol Work?

Meratol works to increase metabolism, which increases the speed of digestion, the food in your body digested and converted into energy. That means less food that you eat is used in fat conversion. With the help of these three ingredients Meratol boost your metabolism with obvious implications, if the supplement that your energy level to increase made quickly. These tablets have no restrictions and cannot lose a lot of weight if you eat normally.

Meratol side effects

Meratol is a very safe product with little or no side effects. Thus, it has been classified as a dietary supplement and not a drug. This can talk to weight loss much of his power, and suggests that it is safe and should not be more side effects than products such as protein drinks or vitamin supplements.

Meratol Advantages

  • It is a very safe supplement with few side effects.
  • Provides a good energy boost and can help you lose weight easily.
Meratol Disadvantages

  • You may be better suited to weight rather than lose it to maintain
  • You need to follow a diet without when the results will be minimal.


Overall Rating

Meratol Overall a decent supplement. It is completely safe and has an effect that the usable energy that can be very useful to increase during a diet when food shortages can have a negative effect. However, if you do, Meratol not be for a pill that losing weight is right for you, because it is much more powerful tablets. Therefore, Meratol can be better suited to your ideal weight instead of helping to keep losing more weight.

The Flex Belt System

Having abs that are toned and lean are what many folks dream of but until now have been unable to attain. Perhaps you’ve tried one of the many so called exercise machines and found to your dismay that they didn’t produce the results they promised. Have you about had it with wasting your hard earned money and time with all those gadgets that just don’t work?

Are  you ready to finely get the firm, lean abs you’ve always dreamed about? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’ then you need to begin using the Flex Belt  ab toning system right now. This is a very effective and portable exercise device that goes to work on your abdominal muscles giving you gorgeous ab muscles that will be the admiration of everyone you know.

What Is The Flex Belt Abs Toning System?

The Flex Belt system is a lightweight, easy to put on exercise machine that gives your abs a complete workout in only 30 minutes. Just strap it around your midsection and operate the control unit. Immediately the flex stimulating action will start to work on your abs. Most other ab exercise machines focus on only one area but the Flex Belt covers all areas which gives you an intense, thorough workout each time it is used.

The medical gel pads are designed so that your central abs and external obliques receive up to 150  contractions in each session.  The technology used in Flex Belt is the same that is used by physical therapy practitioners worldwide. This is why you can be assured that this device will really be effective for you.

Lightweight design

A real benefit to the ab toning device is that it is very lightweight and portable. This means you can bring it with you when you travel or go to the gym or office. You can take it just about anywhere. Think about the possibilities. If you to need walk or drive a distance to work you can use the time to get an ab workout. You can even slip on your Flex Belt during your lunch break for another workout.

If you had one of the other big, bulky abdominal exercise machines you would not be able to bring it along wherever you went.  The Flex Belt folds up easily and stores in its carrier making it very portable. This means that you never have to worry about missing a workout and you’ll reach your goal of having those dream abs you’ve always wanted even sooner.

Both celebrities and non-celebrities alike who have tried the Flex Belt have raved about it and you’ll find out why when you start realizing your own amazing results.

Most of us live a life of hectic schedules filled with meetings, appointments, and other demands of our time. It’s often difficult to fit everything into one day particularly if it involves a workout. With your Flex Belt you’ll never have to worry about making time in your schedule for a workout  no matter how demanding it is.

Now at last you can stop imagining having those amazing abs and begin making them a reality. Get your own  Flex Belt abdominal toning system and find out for yourself how effective and rewarding it is to have  this amazing device working for you.

A Short Note On The Garcinia Cambogia Benefits

People who love to eat usually go through a problem of dieting. We live in a world where the overall personality of a person is judged by all eyes. People have started taking brief measures to work upon the physical attire of oneself. Approx 80 to 85% of the people in this era are obsessed with food. And this obsession sometimes leads to unwanted and bulky postures. People tend to eat like unstoppable at times and eventually they result in losing their body shape; moreover, we don’t generally believe in moving out and sweating too much in order to kill the extra fat and calorie. We sit back at home and just eat day and night. To overcome this issue, researchers came up with a boon for the foodaholics, they derived a medicine that works to lower down that excess fat, without saying hi to the gym. Garcinia Combogia extract, which is made up from a pumpkin shaped fruit that grows in India and Indonesia widely s that medicine that works for the people who are looking for methods to reduce weight loss. However, the there are certain points that describe the Garcinia Combogia benefits, Source:

The HCA that is present in this fruit is said to be the most effective ingredient that reduces fat. Studies have also shown that this product should be used after taking proper prescription as a high dose might result into certain negatives. The Garcinia Combogia benefits include a promising and immediate effect on the serotonin levels of the brain. The increment of serotonin in the body leads to a good mood and a suppressed appetite. Moreover the HCA (hydrochloric acid) gets its foot to the ability of the body to synthesize the fatty acids that blocks the fat from being stored and eventually leaves it available in the form of energy. The reasons of Garcinia Combogia benefits does not just lead and work for these issues, but also gives a high in the energy level and a feeling of well being arises with a good mood. One more benefit that we get from this product is that it lowers blood cholesterol; the acid of the fruit stops the citrate lyase enzyme from transferring the sugar into fat, reducing the amount of lipids in the blood stream that eventually lowers the production of bad cholesterol and increases the production of good cholesterol. Moreover the functioning also lowers the blood pressure that impacts in the heart health and quality of life.

The product is mostly termed to be safe if the usage is done in a period of 0 to 12 weeks, but if the user wants to consume this for over this period he or she needs to take necessary prescriptions from the doctor. Given were some of the Garcinia Combogia benefits that describe the effectiveness of the product and could possibly work in favor of the people who are willing to use the product but are not sure of the after effects that they can suffer.

An Overall Review Of Phen375

Exercise is one thing that most of the people dislike even f this act enables you good result. One can eat all day without stopping but when it comes to his or her personal care and stepping into the gym or getting up early to make a run and burn the excess calories, hardly people do the required. Maintaining fitness and a proper toned body in this era is a tough ask. Most of the people fall upon food at every corner. The streets, the markets and the restaurants are filled with such mouth watering and fat producing food items that it is hard to resist ourselves from stepping into the food zone. But, excess food requires excess care which we hardly look upon most of the times. In order to get over the gym issue, researchers have come up with a cure. A product hat saves you from sweating for hours into the gym or that will allow you to freely eat as much as calorie making items you want to have. Phen375 is the product that has been introduced in the product to handle this noble cause.

Phen375 is a compound of several fat reducing products which all together hits the sweetest spot to work against that fat of yours. The ingredients are so natural that the chances of side effects and after effects are nil. Some of the vital ingredients that are used in the production of this anti fat drug are Dimethyl-pentylamine; which is extracted from a germanium flower, Trimethylxanthine; an appetite suppressant, L-Carninite; an amino acid, DHEA; a product prepared from diosgenin that is found in wild yam and soybeans and Capsaicin; a capsicum extract. All these ingredients have different qualities which are quiet effective combined together in order to work against the fat issues. Phen375 as an overall product of these ingredients doesn’t just work upon burning the fat, but this burning involves other functions too which are the increase in the metabolism, suppressing the appetite and giving sustaining power while exercising. It has been observed that the usage of this medicine has been showing results even in the state of being asleep. One doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription to get this medicine but certain precautions are always supposed to be taken while taking any such sort of drugs. Pregnant women are foremost instructed not to take any amount of these doses, moreover for the people who are using it, at the point of time when you have achieve your target on the measure of the weight you wanted to release, stop the consumption straight away.

Phen375 isn’t any special drug that you won’t get easily or without a doctor’s prescription, Just walk up to your nearest pharmaceutical pharmacy store or online here and get yourself the best of aid available to work on that falling tummy of yours. The bottles with 30,60 and 90 (that gives 30 extra pills free) pills are available on very economical rates, so one doesn’t even needs to worry that the medicine might dent your card figures.

Natural Libido Enhancers for Women

Decreased sex drive is a big problem for many women especially as they grow older. There are very few pharmaceutical products that are available to tackle this problem and those that are available are almost guaranteed to have adverse side effects. In the recent years, drugs aimed at sexual enhancement have risen in cost and are difficult to acquire. There are also a lot of products that are ineffective due to the poor quality of ingredients used. Fortunately, there are natural libido enhancers for women which were used for traditionally, hundreds of years before advance in the drug industry. Consider using some of these herbal extracts to boost sexual pleasure.


The damiana shrub is indigenous to Central and South America and it is sought after due to the medicinal properties of its leaves. It is generally added to supplements to boost energy levels and rejuvenate the body. Its sexual enhancement properties are attributed to the alkaloids present. They increase blood flow to the erogenous zones resulting in more sensitivity. The plant is also believed to help in regulating the hormones in the female body especially for women who are past their menopause. It can be ingested in various forms for its aphrodisiac properties to be enjoyed.


The Asparagus racemosus is a highly recommended libido booster for women. It has general therapeutic properties to the female reproductive system and there are many benefits attached to using it. Shatavari limits vaginal dryness and restore the natural pH of the cervical and vaginal area. Natural lubrication increases arousal and ensures that the stimulation is more intense. It is also believed to increase the tone of muscles in the uterus and nourishes the reproductive organs for increased fertility. The symptoms of menopause are also more easily manageable with this herb.

Muira Puama

This is another tropical medicinal plant that is indigenous to Brazil. Its highly beneficial parts are the roots and the bark and it is casually referred to as potency wood. It is a universal sexual enhancer which improves blood circulation in the body. Women who use this product experience more intense sexual pleasure and more powerful orgasms. With prolonged use, it is believed to play a role in restoration of normal hormone production in the female body. It also improves sensitivity of the body by enhancing the functions of the nervous system. Energy levels are also boosted through consumption of muira puama which reduces tiredness and fatigue.

Using Libido Boosters

There are other fairly common natural libido enhancers for women around the world. Gingko biloba for instance is used in many supplements and it also improves sexual energy. If you looking for natural breast enhancement, read this. Increased adrenaline is also said to act as an aphrodisiac and it can be achieved by engaging in new thrilling experiences. Before using herbal supplements, it is important to seek advice from a qualified physician. If you are taking other medications, you should now the interactions. Most of the components of these enhancers work by increase blood flow to erogenous parts. This is usually accompanied by an increase in blood pressure. When you buy your product, ensure that it is from a reputable source.


The Health Advantages of Using Forskolin Fuel Supplement

Are you a person wishing to reduce your surplus weight and attain a slim body? Then this article is meant for you? If you have tried some methods and did not get the anticipated results, then trying the well known forskolin fuel supplement assist you shed your extra weight in a natural manner. This exceptional supplement does not give any side effect as each of the natural components is properly endorsed by the Food and Drug administration (FDA).Several individuals across the globe utilize this weight loss supplement as they comprehend how this forskolin fuel performs devoid of offering any negative consequence to the consumers.

Increase sour testrone levels

This triumphant supplment possess about twenty percent of Coleus forskohlii extracts to offer the maximum probable usual support to the consumers. When you use this supplement all the hurdles that come in the way of your weight loss mission is eliminated. You can take this supplement two times a day in prescribed dosages. When taken regularly, this supplement helps you to curtail your surplus weight to a significant extent. You will not only lose your weight to a considerable extent, but also your general health gets enhanced by this supplement. You will attain the most excellent enhancement in the level of testterone and thereby obtain a lean muscle mass. You feel contended of losing your weight in a natural manner using this affordable supplement. Once satisfied with the positive results of this supplement, you can suggest this product to your friends and relatives suffering from obesity.

How it curtail the fat

The natural component   present in the forskolin supplement effectively triggers the adenylate cyclase enzyme. When this enzyme is stimulated, it in turn triggers the lipo-protein and thereby leads to the fat cells’ breakdown. The busted fat cells are transformed into energy due to the presence of natural component in this weight loss supplement.

Forskolin fuel supplement assure exceptional outcomes for a user with an average loss of weight of about 3 to 5 pound in a week.

There are also instances of users losing weight up to a maximum of 20 pounds in a month.

You can find a good number of healthy reviews about this supplement. Apart from the improvement of the general health, this effective supplement also assist in productively enhancing the thyroid metabolism.

Other significant advantages

  • Forskolin fuels assist in curbing your hunger cravings
  • It improves your rate of metabolism
  • Assists in burning the accumulated fat
  • This nutritional products is hundred percent free from risks.

When to anticipate the results?

You can get fruitful results after a few weeks of taking the supplement. You can experience your blood pressure getting minimized as well as helps in averting the blood cots from getting gathered.

Vital things you need to adopt while taking forskolin fuel

  • Thought forskolin fuel effectively plays its role, for your part you need to do the following things
  • Drink copious amount of water prior to every meal.
  • Have the habit of drinking water.
  • Try to take meals on time.
  • Overall, forskolin fuel is an effective weight loss program that suits your budget and requirement.